Marin County Genealogical Society

MCGS Research Library

The Marin Family History Center contains the Marin County Genealogical Society (MCGS) Library. See below for location, directions and hours. 

This center has 3 rooms: 

- Computer Room houses computers but no library materials. The computers are available for using CDs that are part of the library collection. 
- Reader Room contains microfilm and microfiche and their “readers”. This room also houses most of the periodicals.
- Office/Library is home to our books and CDs. 


At the Marin Family History Center (MFHC) in the Office/Library room is a computer containing all information about each item in the MCGS Library. This is available for use when visiting MFHC. Selected data from this database comprise the online catalog.

The following reports list what's available at the MCGS Library:

  1. Titles: *a long continuous list of all titles in alphabetical order.
  2. Authors: *a list of authors which will link to the publication(s) MCGS has by that author. NOTE: there are many items in the library’s holdings without an author, such as periodicals and microfilms.
  3. Subject: *a list of all Titles grouped by subject.  Subject identifies items by locality – e.g. California – or by certain subjects – e.g. emigration.
  4. Periodicals/Quarterlies: *a list of holdings at the MCGS Library. Shown are which volumes and issues we have.
  5. Compact Discs (CD-ROMs):* a list of CDs at the MCGS Library. A number of CDs contain other books or publications. The contents of these CDs are included.
  6. Microfilms and Fiche: *a list of holdings at the MCGS Library. Microfilm listed in the catalog are those which are on “extended” or “permanent” loan from the Family History Library in Salt Lake City. Some of these list their contents when multiple topics included.

*Note:  This is an Adobe Reader file (pdf).  You will need Adobe Reader to open and read this file.  If you do not have Adobe Reader, go to to download a free copy of the program.

Select one of the above to display the library’s holdings.

Suggestions to help you find items:

- To find items on the Library Holdings pages, use CTL+F brings up a small window to fill with search word(s). Click on Find/Next to locate item.

How to find an item at the MCGS Library in the Marin Family History Center.

The Type/Location field from the catalog identifies the item as a book, periodical, or other media. Books and CDs are in the Office/Library Room, periodicals mostly in the Reader Room, and microfilm and fiche are in the Reader Room. Next, using the MCGS Call# helps you locate that item where it’s filed. 

Many microfilm listed in the catalog are those on “extended” or “permanent” loan from the Family History Library (FHL) in Salt Lake City. Other users of the MFHC have paid to retain these films on site. Other films were purchased by MCGS from the National Archives. These “permanent” films are located in the lower portion of the film cabinet. The FHL or NARA number is on the film box. There are other microfilms in the Reader Room but these are not in the catalog and are only at MFHC for a short time. The “permanent” films are above the permanent collection and below the microfiche collection.

All of the microfiche collection is on extended loan. It is filed in the top of the film cabinet by its MCGS Call#.


MCGS Research Library Location

The MCGS Research Library is located on the grounds of the Marin Family History Center at The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, (415) 479-2200, 220 North San Pedro Rd, San Rafael, CA 94903.

a map of 220 n san pedro rd, san rafael, ca 94903-4213. click to 
see the map on MSN Maps & Directions

Hours of Operations 

Day Hours
Sunday By Appointment only *
Monday Closed
Tuesday  1 pm - 9 pm
Wednesday 9 am - 1pm
Thursday  5 pm - 9 pm
Friday  9 am - 1pm
Saturday Closed

* Call (415) 479-2793 and leave a message you want to make an appointment.

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